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Saigon, 2-21-2020

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The move to Saigon was smooth & uneventful. Hanoi was fine, but if I want to develop (which I do), then Saigon is a better choice. I have a much better network down here — and I just wasn’t able to meet the right kinds of people in Hanoi. I am set up in ….  Read More

Saigon, Feb 2020

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Moved to Saigon / HCMC today. Loved Hanoi as a city, but not the business center for me. I need a steady calendar of boozy, pre-programmed networking events to work my magic. Chiang Mai and Hanoi – too cultured & beautiful for this New Yorker. Give me Shanghai and Saigon. Gritty, crass, and up front. ….  Read More