Hanoied 8/20

Final week of my 3 week stint as a lecturer at Vietnam’s National Economics University. Just as I arrived, there was a new Covid19 outbreak. There is official panic, but the locals (at least my students) are taking it in stride — TOO SAY THE LEAST. I’m seeing masks on the street, but my 20 year-old students are still hanging all over each other (Asia), sharing water bottles, and almost all are unmasked. I saw a security guard turn away an unmasked man trying to get into the admin building — but the classrooms are a free-for-all.

On the one hand, there have been something like 30 new cases in a country of 100 million — and VN has the tech to identify SPECIFIC STORES, NEIGHBORHOODS and STREETS that have had cases. On the other hand, community spread is happening again for the first time in 3 months. This Party don’t play as far as public safety, and they will lock their s*** down if that’s what the numbers tell them to do. By comparison, 25,000 bikers are congregating on Sturgis SD at an event that should be called PlagueCon 2020. The US is skipping over Thugocracy and moving straight to death-cult.

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