Back to Business – 5-20-20

The end of lockdown for now, online teaching, and an unhealthy coffee addiction.

My bad addiction

No City For Fat Men

VN is famous for it’s Cafe Sua Da — which LOOKS like regular iced coffee but is made with condensed milk. The stuff tastes amazing — like chocolate milk for grownups. They sell it in cafes, from carts on the street, in restaurants — there are about 5 brands for sale in every convenience store. I had been throwing the things back like water all through the day until I found out that they had about 500 calories each. So now I’m walking 6 miles a day (two loops around TD Village) and looking for a gym.

Another contributing factor to my post-lockdown physique is the discovery of a decent bagel place around the corner — like 5 minutes away. The bagels are solid – completely legit. But even though the menu uses the word “shmear”, they apply cream cheese like its an engineering project. Less shmearing, more like prepping a cracked wall for painting. “Would you like that everything-type bagel to include an application of creamed cheese, sir?”

A healthy +1000 calorie breakfast now part of my active post-lockdown lifestyle.

The Crisis is Over (for now)

My section of Saigon seems to have decided the crisis is over, and we are getting back to work. It’s been2 ½ weeks since the official lifting of the unofficial lockdown. Most of the restaurants are open but there are few people.

BUT… I just stopped by The Coffee House, a large AIR CONDITIONED café, and it was pretty packed. All young locals, no masks. Too crowded for me – I’m back at my usual Dolphy on Thao Dien Rd (the one across the street). Busy but not crowded.

I’m also starting to think about next steps. There are a few things on the horizon, but I have mostly been focusing on my very first set of all-online course for H. The trade war has not only made my China experience irrelevant (at best), but also threatens to disrupt the entire biz education/training industries in Asia. And I’m pretty concerned that we may be looking at widespread economic collapse – along with an extended 2nd act of the pandemic. So yeah, I’m being pretty flexible about my future plans.

Buy staying put in Saigon has a certain appeal. Even if their 0.000% mortality rate (not one death reported. none) turns out to be exaggerated, the folks here did what needed to be done. I worry about the healthy my family in NY and Arizona — not the other way around.

Next — teaching my first set of 100% online classes.

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