4/12. 1 Month in the Pandemic.

It’s been 1 month since I left for Phoenix — when the quality of life for much of the planet ratcheted down so suddenly. I barely made it back to Saigon and survived the health check (by far the most dangerous situation I’ve been in since the whole pandemic started). Got through 2 weeks of self-quarantine with barely an issue. Then, a day after that was up, Saigon went on lockdown. (At least my section did. I spoke to a snooty lady from D1 who insisted that they were not on lockdown– “though she didn’t know what District 2 was doing, but District 1 is going to work.” )

So just as I’m adjusting to only leaving the apt once or twice a day for essential (and I”m back to walking in the morning, which is a MUST when locked down 3 feet from the refrigerator), Passover starts.

Beer and banh mi are both out for another week or something. Thanks a lot, Mitzrayim.

First class at H is rapidly approaching. I’m all set on CONTENT (mostly — still have to build final Sim, but that’s supposed to be low-instruction, so will be easy), but I’ve got close to 100 students so there are tons of issues and unanswered questions. And my internet gets pretty pokey in the middle of the day. Speaking with N from Dubai tomorrow — she is backing me up on tech & admin — which is definitely needed.

The class will come off just fine, but it’s just a distance version of the live class. The school isn’t using the tech to make the coursework more relevant — just making sure that the accreditation people will be satisfied with the number of class hours.

Oh — and now Zoom, my big tool, is going all Perv-a-gram. There are new warnings about it everyday — the latest is that a bunch of Singaporean schoolgirls were exposed to “inappropriate content”. Does not sound good.

I just want to expose my simulations.

New York seems more and more like a horror movie intro. Shanghai is apparently getting back to work – though not sure what the foreigner situation is. VN has been pretty clean for a couple of weeks at least. If anyone is talking about relaxing lockdown or opening the border, we’re not getting the news.

Ok. I’ve got a toolbox to finish. Remember — Absence is Golden.

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