Post-Quarantine To Do List

Monday. My last day of quarantine. Saigon is pretty much locked down, but just the ability to buy food and water will be a major step up. And I should be able to walk in the mornings again, as long as it’s early.

Zoom is becoming my main means of communication.

Embracing the new post-quarantine reality with grim enthusiasm. If this is the apocalypse, I’m going to crush it.

To do:

PostAp Shopping
  1. Shopping. Get lock-down supplies
    1. Batteries
    2. Laundry detergent
    3. Dishwashing soap
    4. Soap
    5. Disposable razors
  2. Phone
    1. Lost my phone in Narita on March 11. I’ve been using an AT&T burner I picked up at a walmart near scottsdale.
    2. I’ve decided on a Redmi 8. Cheap, reliable, cheap. I’ll pick one up at Thegioididong .
    3. Find a place to get my old number or get a new number. Will take a new number temporarily if it seems to be difficult right now.
  3. Revise syllabus for H.
    1. I called J at the Dubai campus, where I learned that the May 15 class would entail a 2 week quarantine on arriving in the UAE. I would then fly back — if VN let me in it would be ANOTHER 2 weeks – in a pricey private hotel, if I’m lucky. So we opted to push the live class back to July. I had spoken with N about syllabus and other issues about 3 days earlier, and I told her I’d be making a few last-minute updates. Now, however, I think I’ll leave the live class alone and focus on revising the online course. Still, I have to come back to N with a final version of the live syllabus. I’ll show her a draft of the revised online syll. Do that today.
  4. Finish writing and video for the new GTI sim.
    1. The year is 2023, and a company that looks A LOT like Zoom Video Communication has hired your team to negotiate market entry to either Hanoi, Dubai, or Helsinki. I’ll use this as a capstone that reviews the whole process — and lets us finish on a high note.
  5. Prep Toolbox video.
  6. Put together The Go Bag.

So that might take a couple of days…

J is going to Phoenix today. It happens Tues – probably late morning , local time. Call A later. Wait until later in the week, call Mother in the morning.

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