Day 10. Bored & hungry.

Well I’m drinking tea now, thank you very much Covid19. Ran out of coffee 3 or 4 days ago.

Yesterday we had a little bit of a ghost-town vibe, since work stopped on the construction site across the street. The concrete has set, though, and they are back in all of their hammery, sawing glory.

I’ve been observing the quarantine protocols pretty well, but yesterday I had to sneak out to get money. I live on Grab now, and they are a cash operation (for me anyway). Tried arranging a big grocery order, but when I put the order in on Tues the first available slot was for Friday afternoon. Day 11. I can tough it out with Grab for the last 3 days.

The news from the West is grim, and for the first time I am considering the implications of a global depression. I’m going to liquidate what assets I have in markets. When I worked in finance we had an expression about calling the bottom of a bear run — never try to catch a falling sword. Let it hit the ground. You might miss the first bounce or two — but you won’t die from a minor misjudgment.

I’m counting the day I landed as my first day in quarantine. That was the 17th. Today is the 26th. So Tuesday I’ll be able to go shopping. Not much else, I guess. Restaurants in Saigon are supposed to be closed, but I’m not sure that includes the foreign colony of Thao Dien.

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