Quarantine Day 5: Loud, Boring, and Home.

I had underestimated the difficulty of a 14 day quarantine — and I was NOT prepared.

Bottom left is Rice Paper.
The two containers on the right are empty.
Bags in the freezer are coffee.

Remember — I came straight from the medical test center on Wed. No sleep, no instructions, no food. But it’s not like there are clear-cut rules on this. They basically kicked us out of the hospital after our test, and my first move was to sit in the front seat of a cab. So I went to the grocery store when I first got in — but haven’t left the apartment since. Well — I did go to the street to pick up a couple of Grab deliveries. Turns out my favorite Banh Mi place (Lò Bánh Mì Heo Quay Tuyền Kí) and the 7-11 Beer Store both deliver in under 15 minutes (two separate orders). First time using Grab. This has been a real learning opportunity for me.

But just as I’ve come to learn about the challenges of self-quarantining without prep or support network, I’ve also started appreciating just how seriously this virus is being taken here … because they have stopped using this quarnating system. Now whoever makes it across the border gets 14 days of Live Action Quarantine. At least some are stationed at an “abandoned military hospital”.

If you’ve ever seen a sci fi or horror movie or know someone who has, then the concept of being

quarantined in an abandoned military hospital during a poorly understood pandemic will sound pretty familiar. There are about 5 different plot lines in that little, matter-of-fact description: “quarantined in an abandoned military hospital during pandemic”. Isn’t this sort of how Resident Evil stated?

Today is Saturday. If I get something delivered tonight, I’ll be able to make it through the weekend on stores I have on hand. On Monday I’ll make some kind of plan — for delivery. I have a couple of addresses. Let’s see it I can figure it out — and if I have enough money on hand.

The school has been in touch. Faced with the dilemma of whether to offer my two classes online or in person, they have decided to do both. I’m flying out to Dubai for one class — and then back here to do the second from my apartment? I’m not really following their logic. I’ve a meeting scheduled for Sunday , and I’ll get a little more perspective. Sounds like they are using my class as some kind of case study. A free case study.


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