US -2 Days. Confidence is high.

Confirmed my trip with family last night. Barring unforseen government announcements, I’m transiting through Tokyo on my way to SF on 3-11, and then on to Phoenix. I found a place selling N95s for the Tokyo – SF leg. Probably exhorbitant — it’s at an unofficial Apple shop – but I want to be careful.

My big concern isn’t getting to the US — it’s getting back here. They quarantined a whole planeload from Cambodia with a Japanese guy showing symptoms. 2 weeks.

They rent heavy equipment and it is delivered in the middle of the night, because it’s a residential neighborhood. I thought they poured these posts into frames on the site, but they are prefabbed and pile-driven into the foundation. Noisy. Very very noisy.

I’m going full digital on the spring course, because even if if isn’t going that way now it will be soon. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I’m ready to order a Dell XPS. I didn’t want to order it until I would be there. Same with an Amazon order. Anyway, after this trip I’ll be leveled-up on much needed technology — production and video should go a lot quicker.

A. messaged me. Dad gets moved across the street next month. It’s now or never.

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