Saigon 3-6-2020. Staying indoors before a trip to US next week.

Trip to west coast set for next week – now transiting through Tokyo. I think Korean Air was real easy to cancel with but I don’t think the refund has come through yet.

I have no idea what 90% of this stuff is,
but it takes up about a quarter of a decent sized Vinmart.

Just read that VN quarantined a plane coming in from Japan. Probably 36 hours ago now. 14 days. One Japanese guy had symptoms.

The good news about the quarantines is that I’m no longer in constant dread catching the disease. Now I’m in dread of being quarantined with someone who has it.

Had a Zoom session with Dubai admin. Zoom has gotten really good, and they have all the cool features I’ve been having trouble finding. BUT they are using EFs account (as usual) so its probably super expensive. The Dubai campus goes online on Monday. They were told about it on Wed. Less than week’s notice.

Dubai says its just for one month, but that’s really the bare minimum. If it’s 30 days, I’m going there to teach. If it’s any longer, I’m probably going to have to do it online. I have so many ideas. Would be great to get out there, but it’s only smart to prepare.

Critical thinking discussion. Major thinktank concludes: Emotionally Unintelligent People almot half as likely to respond to surveys.

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