Friday 2-28. Errands & Housekeeping.

Getting back on track & putting my IT house in order. Took a trip to the beautiful & mysterious District 3. It’s across the river, adjacent to the super-busy commercial center Dist 1. A lof the famous landmarks are along the border of D1 & D3 – including Ben Thanh food market (where tourists go for souveneirs and knock-offs).

Like everyone else around here, I use Grab to make quick trips. This is what it looks like:

The army of green-jacket motorscooter taxies. Terrifying? Oh, yeah. I’m getting used to it — but they don’t drive as much as they swarm. They go as fast as they can, point the bike whereever it fits, and treat red lights like a casual suggestion. I was loaded down with boxes on the way back, so I shelled out $4 for a proper car. Even sat in the back. But at $2 for a 25 minute ride to downtown, these Grab bikes are hard to say no to. They come right to your door – have the address on their phone, so there are 0 language issues, and even give you a helmet. (I wear a hat under the helmet.)

I had to buy a new screen for one of my computers, and while Thao Dien has plenty of cafes, microbrew-pubs, and hipster barbershops, there are no electronics stores (except for cellphone shops. Every corner in SE Asia has a cellphone store. I have NO idea how they stay in business.) My aged Macbook has a bad display, and instead of shelling out around $ 2 grand I decided on a cheaper option. I spent around US$150 on a Dell screen and logitech wireless keyboard, and now use it as a desktop. I have a Thinkpad and iPad for lugging around , but need the Mac for the software and video production.

Big decision for the weekend:

The Franklin — Sexy and Sophisticated…
Or the fun & breezy Rochester ?

Have a good weekend.


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