Saigon, 2-21-2020

The move to Saigon was smooth & uneventful. Hanoi was fine, but if I want to develop (which I do), then Saigon is a better choice. I have a much better network down here — and I just wasn’t able to meet the right kinds of people in Hanoi.

My new home.

I am set up in the Thao Dien section of District 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

It’s a foreigner area — kind of artsy & hipster. Like the Williamsburg of Vietnam, I guess. I usually avoid that kind of expat ghetto — but this move is more about business. That’s why I wanted to go to Hanoi first — because I knew that the minute I got down to business I wouldn’t be doing anything cultural.

I have a meeting here Sat morning. I remain skeptical, but will report on the quality next week.
The local Costco. No membership card required, but Google Translate is.
The view of District 1 from the corner.

I’m still wrestling with technology here, but I have my own router in this apt so speeds are much better — esp if I set up in the “dining area”. So I’m that guy now — the one with an office in the kitchen. I’m uploading more youtube videos, so I really need the speed. I was considering a shared office space (The Hive is the big one here), but hopefully I will be able to avoid the expense until I need it for meetings or video production.

Breakfast of Champions, Vietnam style.
I rented this place because it has a nice big balcony. My place in Hanoi was dark and closed in — no view at all.
My balcony gym/yoga studio. Need to start working out again. I found a fight gym around the corner, but I don’t start stretching and exersizing first I will injure myself almost immediately.

Ok. Working now. These are the vids I’ve been playing with. Prototype only, but this is the kind of content I’m working with.

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