Saigon, Feb 2020

Moved to Saigon / HCMC today. Loved Hanoi as a city, but not the business center for me. I need a steady calendar of boozy, programmed networking events to work my magic. Chiang Mai and Hanoi – too cultured & beautiful. Shanghai and Saigon are more familiar to New York – types: gritty, crass, and up front.

Installed in a nice little service apartment in Thao Dien section of district 2. (I will post pics and maps and stuff soon, once I figure out the back end of this newly reconsituted blog.) This is one of those dreaded “foreigner ghettos”, but after 5 months of Hanoi I opted for a little pre-digested cultural integration. I needed a better range of restaurants.

I’m all about the balcony. It’s the size of my bedroom, and looks out over a brisk but quiet intersection. Pics tomorrow.

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