Welcome to 2020

Tet finally over. Hanoi is cold, wet, and kind of slow. Threat of plague is adding to the gray vibe.

Visitng Saigon next week, and will be looking for apartments. Leaving a 20 Kg bag of clothes & electronics (the only categories of possessions nowadays) with a friend, which is a pretty big committment for me.

The prototype for my new site, www.RealsticScenarios.com is live. Needs A LOT of work, but the outlines are definitely there. It’s what the kids are calling “proof of concept” or “minimum viable product”. Will be refining this week, but have already shown a couple of people.

New email: AndrewC137@protonmail.com . It’s more secure, apparently.

Phoenix in March, Shanghai and Dubai in May, Southern China in June.

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